Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ma'ruf Club condemns inhumane attacks on humanitarian aid

Ma’ruf Club condemns Israeli attacks after its commandos killed at least 19 people and injured another 30 peace activists in a night-time raid on a flotilla of boats carrying humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. The attacks which was said to occur at the international high-sea should be described as a complete violation of international law as it was non-justifiable at all.

Thus, Ma’ruf Club would like to call the public, regardless of race and religion, to act immediately towards boycotting Israel’s interest all over the world in the best possible manner. Whereas any connection relating Israel with the countries concerned should be re-considered or may even be brought to an end as a signal of immense protests towards the attacks.

In quick response to the incident, Ma’ruf Club is of the view that;

1- All international bodies, including the United Nations (UN), Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Arab League and European Union (EU) should demand and urge the Israelis to make immediate apologies, especially to the activists and their respective countries. This is to show to the whole world that the attacks were really a catastrophic incident and as a guarantee of non-repetition in the future.

2- Merely condemning the attacks seems like it would not be sufficient as these attacks were only a number of examples from a series of violations of the international law by the Israelis. An
international legal action should be taken against them in the International Criminal Court (ICC) as it would render the convicted to be responsible for their acts.

This attack is a very serious violation of human rights. The attacks launched against the peace activists had without doubt deprived their rights as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Though its legal effect is questionable as it is not a treaty but a resolution of the UN General Assembly, nevertheless, the Declaration serves as a yardstick and a base for the international human rights law.

4- The
Malaysian Government should cease all dealings with the international communications firm APCO as this will tarnish Malaysia’s image as a Muslim nation and disappoint other members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), as well as the Muslims all around the world. This should also serve as a sign of strong disapproval over the attacks by the Israeli.

5- Malaysians, regardless of race and belief, should unite and show our disgust and hatred over the unjustifiable attacks done by the Israeli by
boycotting their brands and products. This would definitely give a major economic pressure against them, which would subsequently force them to end the attacks and occupation in the Gaza Strip.

As a conclusion, the Palestinian issue is not merely an issue of religion and belief. Yet, it is an issue for all to fight for. It is an issue of humanitarian rights which should be enjoyed by all without exception. As for Muslims, let us all pray to Allah for His Mercy. May He provide strength to those who are fighting for the freedom and justice for our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Allahu Akbar!

Muhammad Zaki Bin Sukery,
Ma’ruf Club 2009/2010,
International Islamic University Malaysia.

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